Temple Sha'arey Shalom


Brotherhood is strongly rooted in the honored principles of Jewish manhood: family values, performing mitzvot for our temple and our community. We are proud to be Sha’arey Shalom’s “strong right arm.” We are dedicated to providing financial and logistical support to the Temple and its members – and to having fun while we’re doing it. A small sampling of our activities: we raise money for Temple improvements, run the Purim Carnival (assisted by the Youth Group), co-sponsor informative seminars and brunches, work with Sisterhood in the annual Rummage Sale and offer support to young people attending NFTY conventions and URJ summer camps.

Every Jewish man wants to be part of a larger effort dedicated to serving our faith, our congregation, our community. Brotherhood offers many satisfying opportunities to act – to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Our own Board of Trustees meets every month. We welcome new members and trustees. Please join us – you’ll be glad you did!

The Brotherhood of Temple Sha’arey Shalom is an organization offering the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually. We are the “strong right arm” of the temple. As a member of the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods, we strive to: engage in projects and activities that provide meaningful services to the congregation; sponsor and promote vitally important community-building projects; and give Brotherhood members the opportunity to explore and celebrate their male Jewish spirit.

Brotherhood is a vital auxiliary, providing both monetary and logistical support to the Temple. Through our fundraising and gift-giving, we have purchased and donated to the Temple various items, including a new sound system, computers and library equipment. We are very proud to have completed a complete transformation of the Temple’s bima. A handcrafted Torah reading table, a new lectern and a new Torah holder have changed the look and the way our services are now conducted. Brotherhood also presents each Bar and Bat Mitzvah with a gift in honor of their achievement, and we assist our young people with attending a Jewish summer program or NFTY program during the year.

There is also the fun side of being a member of Brotherhood. Each year we build and dismantle the Sukkah, take a road trip to see the Somerset Patriots and host a beer tasting event.

As a supporting arm of the Temple, Brotherhood runs the annual Purim Carnival (assisted by the Youth Group), provides ushers for the High Holidays and Friday night services, coordinates and runs the Chanukkah brunch. In conjunction with Sisterhood, Brotherhood provides assistance for the Rummage Sale and co-sponsors informative seminars and brunches.

These are just some of the activities on our calendar throughout the year. Indicative of our programming, our members are dedicated to tikkun olam, repair of this world, through active involvement in youth education, adult education, social action and yes, fellowship activities – all of which contribute to the enrichment of our synagogue communities. We strive to make our congregation a warm and caring community.

Brotherhood welcomes new members at any of our meetings and events. We meet on the Third Monday of every month throughout the year, and our meetings are open to all members. We welcome and encourage input as we strive to continually shape the organization to be fully responsive to its members and the congregation. Make a commitment to join Brotherhood and reap the benefits of what we have to offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Membership is open to all the men of our Temple. For more information, contact brotherhood@shaarey.org.